“Systemisation,Standardisation, Cognitive Offloading, Human Factors & Good Governance are core principles to the design & philosophy of SCRAM™”

Adult SCRAM™

An Emergency Airway Bag that provides a structured reproducible approach to airway management.

Why is SCRAM™ unique?

SCRAM™ enhances the performance of airway management by focusing on process improvement through design.

Systemisation, standardisation, cognitive offloading, human factors and good governance are core principles to the design and philosophy of SCRAM™. Whereas most other manufacturers focus on the storage and transportation of equipment.

SCRAM™ is a structured, reproducible approach to airway management, standardising, and optimally organising equipment and drugs prior to the procedure being required. SCRAM ™ becomes a meaningful cognitive offloading tool, and facilitates airway planning by reducing the time to intervention, reducing error, standardising practice and promoting good governance. This is of particular importance now during the Covid-19 pandemic with increased cognitive demands of managing oneself, the team, the environment, the associated risks of error and time to intervention.

Where is SCRAM™ used?

SCRAM™ is currently being used for advanced airway management by high performance teams in both the pre-hospital and hospital environments. 

|”When getting it right first time really matters.”

High Performance Team - SCRAM

|“SCRAM™ seamlessly integrates into any airway management strategy”

Features of Adult SCRAM™

  • Stencilled kit dump standardises layout and allows efficient pre-stocking
  • New Pull-out surgical airway kit dump
    • Yellow side – scalpel finger bougie technique
    • Blue side – Kit
  • New mechanism for the storage of bougies
  • Auditing options of unique barcode, checklist pocket and RFID / NFC pocket (tag not included)
  • The Fidlock system on the front of the bag is compatible the Rx line, designed to contain drugs for emergency anaesthesia.
  • Lockable zips compatible with tamperproof seals
  • Gross motor indicators reduce cognitive load
  • Checklist pouch.
  • Weatherproof – portable and easy to use
  • Wipe clean – MicrAgard™

Prevent Cross-Contamination

|“Wipe Down”

SCRAM™ is made from micrAgard™ wipe clean durable anti-bacterial, anti-microbial material. This along with the durable anti-microbial webbing and the anti-microbial hook and loop help to prevent cross-contamination.


OpenHouse Products -
Manufacture and Distributor

Openhouse products are the manufactures SCRAM™ work with Scottish Health Innovations Ltd. (SHIL) and the inventors to bring you SCRAM™. Openhouse of have a reputation for high quality craftsmanship with 30 years experience manufacturing bespoke textile products for medical teams around the world.

The Resus Tailor -
USA Distributor

The Resuscitation Tailor is the US distributor for SCRAM™ and the full range of Openhouse Products including, standard line, and bespoke options.